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Set of 15 bottles of *Pastel* UV Nail Polish

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15 bottles x 15ml.


Set of 15 bottles pastel collection Q-GEL-LACK UV nail polish.

New formula!!! Q-GEL-LACK UV nail polish #4001 Pink Blossom, #4018 Before, #4023 Inspired, #4024 Passion for Red, #4034 Precious Time, #4035 Snow Ball, #4042 Amigo, #4043 Venice, #4044 Artdeco, #4045 Seaside, #4046 Wild Lime, #4047 Solar Glow, #4048 Salsa, #4049 Florida, #4050 Apricot is from pastel colour collection. Stickiness after curing should be wiped off. Recommended Q-GEL UV Gel Wipe Off Solution.

Due to the NEW unique Q-GEL-LACK UV nail polish material and the high pigmentation, all colour UV nail polishes have an extremely good coverage and colour brightness.

  • Use these intense colour UV nail polishes to cover the whole nail surface or for nail art decoration.
  • The material does not flow to the edges.
  • The intensive colours cure fast, doesn’t shrink or loose shape.
  • Cure time:  120-180 seconds in UV lamp, 90 seconds in LED or UV-CCFL lamps.
  • Quantity – 15ml.

For professional use only!


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