Moyra Stamping Foil Polish – Red

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Moyra Foil Polish for stamping is a unique product that dries on air, has good adhesion to nail foils, pigment and effect powders. It dries in longer time than regular or stamping polish, therefore it makes stamping easier by leaving more time for nail decoration.

Unit size: 12 ml.


  • You should shake the foil polish really well (for about 20 seconds) before every use.
  • Clean the stamping plate, apply some Foil polish on the chosen design, scrape off the excess polish, pick up the design with a stamper and press it on the nail.
  • if you want to use Magic foil, you may have to wait a little (0-20 second depending on the thickness of the design) then press the Magic foil firmly a couple of times to cover the whole design with foil. In case of using pigment powder on the design, you should apply the powder with a soft brush right after the design is stamped. Wait for about 1 minute and then brush off the excess powder and clean the surface with a brush.
  • Finally cover the design with topcoat.


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