Adore 3D Lash Mascara

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PAESE Adore 3D lash mascara provides spectacular thickening, lengthening and curling. The creamy formula perfectly adheres to hair, providing intense color throughout the day (no lumps). The silicone brush perfectly separates the hair from the roots to the ends. The spiral gives the lashes a three-dimensional effect. Double application will enhance the effect of thickening, elongation and overturning. Available in black.

Three-dimensional effect of eyelash makeup.
  • maximally lengthening, intensively curling and spectacularly thickening eyelashes mascara
  • innovative, flexible brush combs and smoothes eyelashes, facilitating even distribution of the product
  • silicone fibers optimize the amount of ink applied
  • does not stick eyelashes and leaves no lumps
  • creamy formula adheres perfectly to the hair, providing intense color throughout the day
  • powder particles contained in the formula intensely thicken eyelashes
  • hypoallergenic formula ideal for people with sensitive eyes and wearing contact lenses
  • applying two layers provides the effect of artificial eyelashes
  • available in black
  • surprisingly large capacity.



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