#5013 Glow White Self Levelling White Builder Gel

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50ml –  1 bottle.

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Q-GEL white UV gel #5013 Glow White Self Levelling White Builder Gel is medium viscosity white gel. Stickiness after curing should be wiped off. Recommended Q-GEL UV Gel Wipe Off Solution.

Unique Q-GEL UV nail white gel composition allow to enjoy an easy work with material. Suitable for french nail applications and decorations.

  • Use this white UV gel to cover whole nail or cover nail tip for work with make-up gels.
  • The material is liquid consistency, if left – could flow to the edges.
  • White gel cure fast, doesn’t shrink or loose shape.
  • Non yellowing, flexible and light.
  • Cure time:  120-180 seconds in UV lamp, 30 seconds in LED or UV-CCFL lamps.
  • Pinch time in UV lamp 20- 25 seconds, in LED or UV-CCFL lamp 8- 10 seconds.
  • Quantity – 50ml.

For professional use only!


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