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#200-30 Electric Nail File Diamond Drill Bit – Long Pointy Green

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1 drill bit.

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Recommended electric nail machine speed for diamond nail drill bits is between 12 000 – 35 000 rpm.

Bit Size: 10.0mm
Overall Length: 45mm
Shank: 2.35mm (3/32)

Colour coded: yellow (finest) – extra fine grit, red – fine grit, blue – medium grit, green – coarse (roughest).

Higher Hardness – Higher wear resistance make the drill bits last longer.

Easy To Clean and Disinfect –  Simply disinfect the drill bits with medicinal alcohol or disinfectant. It’s so easy, efficient and time-saving. If the drill bit head got clogged with dust, recommended to use metal drill bit cleaning brush.

Resistance of acid, alkali – Diamond drill bit can resist acid, alkali and other caustic material. Not recommended to leave it longer then 10-15 min in irritating liquids.

Best Universality – Suitable for manicure and pedicure use.


How to use?

This product is suitable for most of electric manicure machines. Insert diamond nail drill bit into the machine, turn on the power, polish your cuticles carefully.


For professional use only!

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